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Marlin Woods Announces The Empower Me Summit

PITTSBURGH- Marlin Woods is pleased to announce the Empower Me Summit, originally known as the Empower Me Motivational Mentorship Seminar, which will be held on November 26th, 2019. The Empower Me Summit is a critical bridge for black empowerment in Western Pennsylvania and will be an evening of community collaboration towards black advancement and personal development.


Marlin Woods, founder and host of the Annual Empower Me Summit held his first seminar in November of 2017 to accommodate the requests he was receiving for mentorship. The Summit now provides Africans Americans a platform for silos to collaborate across the United States with education and inspiration as its method, and unity of a people to drive a trajectory shift.


Since 2017, Woods said the seminar has grown incredibly, growing from 55 people to over 80 the second year, and 100 in the third and where it has maintained at about 100 people.


“The seminar was a response to an overwhelming request for personal, one-on-one mentorship. I started mentoring one young man through the Pittsburgh Fellows named Bryson Edmonds. Through a successful mentoring relationship with Bryson, others had gotten the word that I was mentoring, and they became interested in personal mentorship with me,” said Woods.


Woods said he had a variety of people of all ages interested in mentoring with him, from college football players, business executives, and people desiring to start a business to pro football players, and single mothers.


“As a result of that, I acquired five different mentees, and when they continued to come, I told my wife that can’t mentor them all, so I decided that I was going to do a seminar where I can invite everyone that has requested mentorship with me,” said Woods.


At the Summit, Woods said he puts everything into it that he puts in one-on-one mentorship. “I pull to the table incredible minds because I don’t know everything about everything. Our goal is to make an impartation and to deposit wisdom and inspiration into the lives of people seeking business development or self-improvement,” said Woods.


Woods said, the Summit is now held annually every November on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.


The Empower Me Summit will be held this year on Tuesday, November 26th, at the Rivers Club, a private executive and athletic club, located at 301 Grant Street, One Oxford Centre Suite 411, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Registration opens at 5:30 pm. For more information or to register for the Summit, visit

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