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How Will our Community Benefit from the Empower Me Summit?

The mission of the Empower Me Summit is to reset the trajectory of the black achievement in Western Pennsylvania. The Empower Me Summit provides a place where African Americans in the Pittsburgh region can share a platform for divided silos where they can educate, collaborate, and inspire an expansion in community support. The mission of the Summit goes far beyond the annual events and provides benefits to the community year-round.


These benefits include:


The Summit creates a cohesiveness of the community with continued support from its members long after the Summit ends.

At the Empower Me Summit, you will have the opportunity to collaborate, inspire, and educate with some of the most respected minds in the community without the barriers of division. By providing this open platform, we can help to inspire the expansion of community support and unity beyond the Summit.


The Summit engages in follow up conversations on social media on the progress of business and personal growth.

While the Summit provides you with a wealth of valuable information, it also allows you to collaborate and form connections with other leaders, business owners, and respected contributors in the community. These connections will continue to flourish after the Summit through social media follow-ups, providing people with the support and fellowship they need to further their success.


The Summit lifts the mentality from status quo approaches to an excellent approach for high-quality outcomes of progress.

By changing the way that we approach community growth as well as business and personal development, we can make greater progress. With mentorship in the community and the continued support beyond the Summit, this provides a critical opportunity to impart knowledge on the community while helping people navigate and grow in all areas of their life and business.


Join us at the Empower Me Summit!

The Empower Me Summit will be held at the Rivers Club in Pittsburgh on November 26th, 2019. To purchase your tickets for the event, click here.

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