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Darryl WileyCEO

Darryl T. Wiley, born in Newark, N.J. is the proud CEO of the Fund for Advancement of Minorities through Education (FAME), who answers the communities call to action around education, enrichment, and philanthropy. FAME provides Pittsburgh, PA area African-American 3rd-12th graders access to quality education by providing need-based scholarships to attend independent schools and year-round academic and social enrichment programming.

Mr. Wiley is a proud graduate of Newark Public Schools, in Newark, N.J. He followed by earning a bachelor’s degree in Black Studies from the University of Pittsburgh in 1993, Mr. Wiley has dedicated his life to improving the educational conditions and outcomes of African-American children. He is a truth-teller and ambassador for the success of children and those who struggle to advocate for themselves, always asking, “Is it in the best interest of our children?” The lack of guidance he received in high school to fulfill his dream of becoming an engineer has fueled his passion for twenty-eight years in various roles. As a coordinator, in-home worker, and CEO, Mr. Wiley has partnered with hundreds of families in their pursuit of higher education, in particular, STEM careers. Mr. Wiley is excited to work on answering our communities’ call to action through FAME to address the dismal number of Black teachers and the need for Black Philanthropy through the Wiley Family Fund established in 2018.

While committed to all children, Mr. Wiley’s first love is being a devoted husband of 20 years to his wife Lenita and father to their four children (Neil, Niko, Kamili, and Adia), who willingly share their dad with all families. He enjoys hanging out with his family; he is an avid bowler and enjoys any opportunity to visit the beach.

“The most prized resource in our community is our children. When African-American children have the chance to fulfill their promise to be one of the best and brightest, most often, success is inevitable. With the support of many, I am elated to not only provide African-American children with educational opportunities but also to partner with families to take ownership of their education. When children succeed, they change families, and when families succeed they change communities.”