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Jessica Gurley

Jessica Gurley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over eleven years of mental health experience. Jessica currently works as the Telehealth Coordinator and Supervisor for Veterans Affairs (VA) after being promoted from an Inpatient Psychiatric Social Worker. In addition to working for the VA, she provides therapy, supervision, and mental health trainings, workshops, and consulting services for both individuals and organizations through her company Social Work Consulting and Counseling (SWCC) LLC. Through her SWCC alone, Jessica has presented to the University of Pittsburgh Social Work CEU department, CCAC classrooms, small business, nursing homes and churches. Jessica always communicates in a way that is culturally sensitive, and she is confident when presenting to expert professionals and skilled at including new professionals. She has been providing clinical services to diverse populations of children, adults, older adults, families, and Veterans with mild to severe mental illness, addictions, and intellectual disabilities; including those on the autism spectrum. She has advanced knowledge and expert skill in the range of specialized interventions, theories, and treatment modalities used to treat individuals with complex dual illnesses. Lastly, Jessica recently embarked on a new journey to reduce stigma and reduce the suicide rate by creating a mental health t-shirt line. In a nutshell, Jessica’s and SWCC mission is to H.E.L.P.: Heal, Enlighten, Liberate, and Plan with every person she serves.