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Mayor Marita GarrettWilkinsburg

In January 2014, Marita Garrett was sworn in as a Councilwoman for Wilkinsburg Borough. As
a member and Vice-President of Council, Marita was instrumental in seeking and receiving over
$2 million in grant revenue for the Borough; additionally, led the charge to increase capacity in
Borough department in increase efficiency in services to residents. Also, at that time thenCouncilwoman Garrett saw a need for an increase in community engagement and started,
“Wilkinsburg Community Conversations” an initiative to connect and empower residents to work
together for neighborhood improvement. From there, she co-founded Free Store Wilkinsburg to assist
community members to address emergent needs. In 2017 she was named “Young Democrat of the
Year” from the Allegheny County Democratic Committee and selected to attend the NextCity
Vanguard conference held in Newcastle, Australia. Additionally, Ms. Garrett has served on panels at
the Brookings Institution and United Nation’s World Urban Forum 9.
In 2017, Ms. Garrett was elected Mayor with over 65% of votes in a 4-way race. As Mayor, she
reinstated the Public Safety Forums, a monthly series that highlights updates in the Wilkinsburg Police
Department and provides an opportunity for community members to express their safety concerns.
During her tenure, Mayor Garrett has been largely influential for the renewed interest in Wilkinsburg’s
Marita founded CIVICALLY, INC – an umbrella nonprofit organization that focuses on
community development by promoting civic and socially literacy to instill self-reliance. In addition to
Free Store Wilkinsburg, Community Conversations, she has established Fresh Market and initiatives
and received grants for health education, urban farming, and others. In 2019, through Civically, Inc.
acquired the Hunter Building – the largest commercial building in downtown Wilkinsburg to stabilize
an anchor building and catalyze economic development in the Borough. Thus far, she has brought in
over a half of million dollars towards capital planning and improvement projects.
Outside of her political career, Ms. Garrett is the CEO of MarGar Enterprises, LLC, a for-profit
company that provides a wide range of outreach and engagement services to non-profits and midlevel corporations. Some of her clients have been Dollar Bank, University of Pittsburgh, CMU, CORO
Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg Development Corporation, New Sun Rising, among others.
Ms. Garrett has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, where she now
serves as an adjunct professor; and a Master’s in Psychology from Chatham University, where she has
been a panel speaker on several occasions for the Center for Women and Politics. Continuing to
promote women empowerment, Ms. Garrett is the co-host of Shattered Glass Podcast, where stories
of extraordinary women shattering the glass ceiling are highlighted. She was featured in Pittsburgh
Magazine’s Women & Business edition.
Mayor Garrett has been recognized for her diligence in civic and community engagement by
numerous organizations and media outlets. Currently, she serves on the advisory boards for
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Allegheny Regional Asset District (RAD), Phipps Conservatory, among other organizations.