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Mayor Nickole NesbyDuquesne

The Honorable Mayor Nickole Nesby is a dedicated public servant with 20 years of experience in legislative government. In November 2017, Mayor Nesby won a historic election by successfully beating Councilman John Guyre  to become the first woman and African American to head the City of Duquesne, Pennsylvania.

Prior to becoming the City of Duquesne Mayor, Ms. Nesby worked in the office of United States Congressman Mike Doyle as a Field Representative – District Caseworker for ten years. Under the leadership of Congressman Doyle, Ms. Nesby held roles of increasing responsibility to serve constituents from the 18th District of Pennsylvania in a greater capacity. It is worth noting Ms. Nesby was the first African American woman to join Congressman Doyle’s staff.

As a standard bearer, Mayor Nesby is no stranger to adversity, and utilizing her leadership skills to solve problems. One major highlight of her career in Congressman Doyle’s administration was saving the City of Clairton’s Pennsylvania Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program. Ms. Nesby prevented the funding from the City of Clairton’s WIC Program from being eliminated. As Congressman Doyle’s Field Representative-District Caseworker, she attended and received training in federal legislative law at Capital Hill in Washington, D.C. Upon her return, Ms. Nesby trained Pennsylvania state legislative staff. In addition, she became a Federal Coordinator for the United States Department of Commerce, Census Bureau.

Subsequently to Mayor Nesby’s tenure in United States Congressman Mike Doyle’s office she gained experience at the executive government level working as a Frontline Manager and Contact Service Representative for the United States Treasury Department. Ms. Nesby served as a Union Steward for the National Treasury Employees Union for our United States government. This federal union represents Local 34. She was part of the Legislative Affairs Committee team who lobbied Congress. In this role, Ms. Nesby along with her colleagues lobbied for equal pay, opposed the government shut down, and secured additional funding for the national treasury employee union. Her advocacy in support of national public policy came under the direction of former United States Presidents Mr. William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton, 42nd U.S. President and 44th U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama II.

Mayor Nesby believes in the power of God to transform the lives of families in our communities. In 1970, she was born in City of McKeesport Pennsylvania, the youngest child of Mr. Richard and Mrs. Carol Brooks. Ms. Nesby lived in poverty as a child, and is no stranger to socioeconomic disparity, and lived in poverty as a child. Growing up she watched both of her parents work hard as steel mill workers to provide for their seven children. They instilled within Ms. Nesby the drive, and determination to succeed against all odds. She refused to allow poverty to derail her goal of attaining higher education. Recently, Ms. Nesby educational achievements includes a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership Specializing in Nonprofit and Graduate Certificate in General Business from Northcentral University, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Thiel College,  an Associates of Science in Accounting and Accounting Certificate from the Community College of Allegheny College.

While Mayor Nesby has no children of her own, she single handedly raised a sibling’s children when their mother became addicted to crack. She has continued to champion initiatives for children and youth regionally and around the state, including promoting careers for minorities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

As a first-term mayor, Nesby is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Duquesne’s indigent population of 5,481. Home to U.S. Steel, post-industrial Duquesne was rated Pennsylvania’s most financially distressed city in 1991. Plagued by systemic poverty, illiteracy and incarceration, 80% percent of its residents are welfare recipients and of that number, half have criminal records. Deemed the worst performing school system in Pennsylvania, Duquesne was forced to close its high school in 2007, bussing students to nearby West Mifflin and East Allegheny.

While the future appears bleak, there is a woman in the mayor’s office with a proven track record of turning adversity into opportunities. Since becoming mayor, Nickole Nesby has worked tirelessly to promote economic development, improve the city’s infrastructure, provide accessible and affordable healthcare, and build partnerships between industries and schools to support vocational training and create jobs. During her mayoral race, Nesby promoted numerous workshops, seminars and initiatives to fight crime, boost voter registration, and promote minority entrepreneurship.

Mayor Nesby says, “My aspiration is to make Duquesne a better place to live. I want residents to have a quality education, promote home ownership with reasonable mortgage payments, economic development, better transportation, ensure medical providers are provided, update parks, and provide better recreation and playgrounds.”

The Honorable Mayor Nickole Nesby is a recipient of the Phillis Wheatley Literary Society of Duquesne Milestone Award in recognition of a lifetime of outstanding accomplishments and notable public service. Her continued success as mayor is inevitable as she endeavors to help rebuild Duquesne and bring to its citizens a new era of prosperity, sustained economic growth, and hope for a brighter tomorrow.